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Beef in wine (as there’s no water!)

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As it’s a miserable, wet and cold day, I decided beef in some thick, brown gravy was called for. Discovering that my water was missing in action (nothing says Christmas like burst pipes) meant that it was a good thing that this recipe called for the meat to be cooked only in wine and no water. I used most of a bottle that I opened last night and found a bit too chewy for my drinking taste.
I based it pretty much on this recipe:

As I didn’t have goose fat, I cooked the bacon first and used its fat to brown the beef and veg. I also served it with mashed potatoes rather than celeriac (made from the flesh of baked potatoes that I stuck in the oven while the stew was, erm, stewing) and some garlicky spinach.

Although tasty, it definitely needed more reducing at the end – sauce was a bit watery for my taste. I’d also consider going half and half with wine and beef stock next time as it just felt it was missing a bit of oomph. But altogether, a satisfyingly rib-sticking winter dinner (albeit not the most attractive!)

It would have been perfect for the Lovely Boyfriend who is suffering from a streaming cold, but sadly, he’s currently about 100 miles away, so he’ll be fending for himself. Mind you, as I’ve also been busy caterwauling along with musicals all afternoon, he’s probably quite glad about that.


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December 30, 2009 at 8:19 pm

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